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I am maintaining this site in memory of my father and mother, both of whom passed away very suddenly in 2009. My mother was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor will I was in the hospital in December of 2008 with open heart surgery. During her 3 surgeries to remove the tumor and affected tissue, my Dad never left her side at the hospital. We don't know if this contributed to his illness but he was diagnosed with Leukemia around Easter of 2009 and he passed away very suddenly over Memorial Day weekend. My mother was unable to care for herself so me and my wife, my older brother and his wife, and their daughter, and my aunt took turns staying with my mother over those lonely months until she passed in September of 2009. I will cherish the time we spent with her in those final days, as well as all of the vacations and trips that the 4 of us took together. Not only did I lose my Dad, I lost my best friend. I know that both of them are in a better place, feeling no pain, and rejoicing on the streets of gold. I love you Mom and Dad! We miss you!



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